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According to Boise Police Department statistics, in 2019 more than 18,000 criminal charges were brought against individuals in Boise, ID. These charges varied from Group A crimes such as theft, assault, and murder, to Group B crimes such as DUI and trespassing violations. Overall, almost 58% of these charges resulted in convictions of some kind, with some categories showing conviction percentages of over 90%.

Regardless of the severity of the charges, being charged with a crime is one of the most alarming and disruptive events that can happen to you. Many may feel as though they have to face the legal system on their own. In reality, having an experienced, aggressive criminal defense lawyer can mean the difference between quickly returning to normal or dealing with life-altering consequences. If you, like many others, have found yourself charged with a crime in Boise, ID, it is crucial to have representation that is highly knowledgeable of Boise laws and legal processes.

Why Would I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

A criminal defense attorney will act as a buffer between you and the stressful process of defending yourself. You should be kept up to date on the many moving parts involved in a criminal case. This includes when your charges have been filed, what documents you need to produce in court, important court dates, and possible plea bargains available to you. When deciding if you will retain legal aid, it’s important to remember that the prosecution is not on your side. Simply settling for a plea bargain offered by the prosecution may not be the best choice for your future. A skilled, fearless criminal defense attorney will battle for your best interests.

As with all criminal charges, the Boise prosecutor is the one who must provide evidence to secure a conviction. The prosecution has the burden of proof. An aggressive strategy from experienced legal defense will include robustly challenging and countering this evidence, as well as making sure your voice is heard. Criminal defense attorney Michael Larsen has over 25 years of experience in the criminal justice system, including 15 years as a prosecutor. As a former Idaho Deputy Attorney, he has an extensive knowledge of the Idaho courts and criminal law. Michael offers unique insight into the tactics and potential strategies of the prosecution.

When combating a criminal charge, you are not only fighting to protect your immediate future, but also your long-term freedom from the possible penalties you may incur. If you are successfully convicted, depending on the details and severity of the crime in question, you risk penalties such as extended stays in prison, up to thousands of dollars in fines, and/or restitution paid to the victim or the family of the victim. In some cases, like DUI, there is a separate administrative action that requires immediate action within 7 days of the arrest. These are not minor consequences and should not be taken lightly. The impacts of a successful criminal conviction can ripple throughout your everyday life.

You shouldn’t feel that the legal system is stacked against you, and you certainly shouldn’t feel alone when you challenge your charges. Be confident in your representation. You shouldn’t feel that the legal system is stacked against you, and you certainly shouldn’t feel alone when you challenge your charges. You owe it to yourself to retain an informed, skilled attorney who can help protect your future.

Some violent crimes can be enhanced, or “aggravated.” Battery is the offense of committing bodily harm to the victim and is a misdemeanor.

Battery can become aggravated when an alleged offender:

  1. Uses a deadly weapon or toxic chemical
  2. Causes significant bodily harm, disability, or disfigurement
  3. Causes harm to a pregnant woman or her unborn fetus

DUI refers to the crime of impaired driving due to the use of alcohol or drugs. Are you facing a first or second DUI charge? Even though these are often misdemeanors, they still carry the threat of a lifetime criminal record, jail time, and hefty fines. These penalties alone are enough to make a DUI conviction a devastating, life-changing matter.

DUIs can be considered felony offenses if the driver causes harm or wrongful death to another person or has been arrested for the third time for the same offense. It is necessary to act quickly to fully protect your rights.

Assault and battery charges become a crime of domestic violence when one of these acts is allegedly committed against a spouse, former spouse, a person you have a child with, or someone you live with. Penalties become elevated as soon as a crime is considered domestic violence, so it’s important to quickly seek out an experienced defense attorney to go through the process with you.

If you were arrested for possession of a controlled substance or trafficking drugs in Boise, Idaho, you could be facing serious penalties. Law enforcement officials and prosecutors do not take drug crimes lightly. Even first-time offenders could be facing jail time or a permanent criminal record.

Theft crimes are any act of unlawfully taking someone else’s property under fraudulent means without the owner’s consent and without the intent of returning the property to the original owner. Both grand theft and burglary are considered felonies in the state of Idaho and it’s important to immediately act to get the best possible result.

Some of the most severe penalties can result from a manslaughter or homicide conviction. If you are accused of taking someone else’s life and have been charged with manslaughter or homicide, you will need the defense of a seasoned litigator.

When someone has been sexually victimized, prosecutors will try to punish an alleged offender to the fullest extent of the law. For this reason, anyone who has been accused of a sex crime will need an aggressive legal defender who isn’t afraid to go the distance to protect his or her reputation.

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